Simply Shari’s Gluten Free Products

Image: Simply Shari's Gluten Free Cookies

Image: Simply Shari's Gluten Free Pasta VarietiesRecent Customer Comments Regarding Simply Shari’s Gluten Free Products:

[Shortbread Cookies] Amazing and I am not the celiac in the family!”

~ Anne


“I’m not gluten free either and I LOVE your mac and cheese!”

~ Amanda



“The [Marinara] sauce…kids would love it. I added veggies and spiced it up with red pepper. It makes a quick meal and is a nice change from mac n cheese. The pasta is very good and reheats well.”

~ Arlene


“Your almond shortbread is simply divine.  Thank you for adding variety and for making the gluten-free diet sooooooo delicious.  Awesome!”

~ Denise


“These [lemon shortbread cookies] are genuinely delicious! I live in Canada and found them in HomeSense.”

~ Rosemarie


“These are most definitely the best shortbread cookies . Better then Walkers who are known for shortbread cookies . Truly fabulous. Omg I ate a whole bag in two days !!!!!”

~ Annemarie


“ I love your Almond Shortbread cookies it is the best gluten free cookie I ever had!!! Hope I can buy it soon from your web store!!!!!!! Love it!!!!”

~ Agnes


“Forget them being gluten free. These are the best shortbread cookies period!”

~ Evelyn